Hi! I am Carlos, A

Web developer with a focus on React, Nodejs, Javascript, and ASP.NET Core

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AGILE Methodology

Implemented a Surety Loss Cost Dashboard that enabled underwriters to easily identify accounts that were most at risk of defaulting using Agile Method. I was also involved in many IT sprints which incorporated the Kanban methodology to track progress of work.


Database Management System

Worked extensively in SQL (and SAS) to analyze and deliver data as an actuary. And now that I've also learned how to work with NoSQL databases, I feel prepared to take on any data-oriented tasks that I may face as a web/software developer.


UI/UX Planning

Created numerous projects over the years of working at Liberty Mutual, such as the Surety Loss Cost Dashboard and a Third Party Personal Insurance Tool, that involved crafting visually pleasing desgin while maximizing ease of use.



Interacted and worked with collegues from various departments such as Marketing, IT, Underwriting, and Claims. This experience taught me how to explain technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences alike.